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Squirrel Cage AC Motor

Squirrel Cage AC Motor

A squirrel cage motor refers to an electric motor which is equipped with a squirrel cage rotor. We primarily produce 3 phase squirrel cage AC motors. They are characterized by simple structure, low noise, low vibration, light weight and high reliability.
As a professional electric motor manufacturer, we can provide primarily two categories of squirrel cage motors, that is, asynchronous AC motors and asynchronous variable frequency AC motors. In light of these, our squirrel cage AC motors are widely used in the international market, including countries like China, the United States, Italy, Brazil, Russia, India, and Sudan, and more.
The following will describe for you more detailed information about our squirrel cage AC motors.

1. General introduction
This asynchronous AC motor, also known as an AC induction motor, is designed with three enclosure protection levels, that is, IP23, IP44, and IP54.
The cooling methods of our squirrel cage AC motor include four types, namely, IC01, IC81W, IC611 and IC616.
Additionally, all our squirrel cage motors employ IMB3 feet mounting type and are of horizontal construction, and the alternating current motor is rated for S1 continuous operation.

2. AC motor structure introduction
(1) The motor base is of welded-steel plate construction. This provides our squirrel cage AC motors with high rigidity and light weight. Optimized motor structure design also makes the motor convenient for installation and maintenance.
(2) Both the rotor and stator of our squirrel cage AC motor are made from silicone steel which features low loss. This design reduces iron loss and improves efficiency.
(3) Our squirrel cage AC asynchronous motors are of F class insulation. Wire inserting for stators can be finished outside the stator frame. The stator coil is a double layer formed coil which features good rigidity, and the inserted windings of the stator are processed with VPI solventless varnish.
(4) The rotor of AC induction motor is standardly designed in copper bar structure. According to motor starting conditions, the rotor cage bars can be made of either cooper or copper alloy. Our highly advanced brazing technology ensures solid connection between cage-bars and end rings, thus further guarantee the mechanical performance and conductivity of cage bars and end rings.
Through embedding cage bars into the rotor slot, the vibration of cage bars caused by the electromagnetic force and centrifugal force is eliminated. This design also effectively prevents the breakage of cage bars and prolongs the service life our squirrel cage AC motors.
Electric motor rotors with a shaft center height below 500mm can also be manufactured in cast aluminium structure.
(5) Our 4-12 pole electric motors, which are made in accordance with H355-H630 standards, are all equipped with rolling bearings and employ grease lubrication. H560-H630 4P squirrel cage AC motors can also design with sliding bearings, as per customers' requirement. Standard 3 phase asynchronous motors of H710 or above should employ sliding bearings. In the meanwhile, the lubrication method, which may be either oil-ring self lubricating or forced lubricating, should be decided depending on load condition.

3. Starting performance
Our squirrel cage AC motors can be used to drive a variety of general-purpose machinery. If the AC induction motor is used in water pumps and light load start-up fans, the following conditions should be fulfilled.
(1) During start-up procedure, the terminal voltage of our electric motor shouldn't be lower than 85% of the rated voltage.
(2) When the electric AC motor is running at the rated speed, the counter torque of the fan shouldn't be greater than 35% of the rate torque of the electric motor.
In general, our squirrel cage AC motor allows continuous cold start for twice or hot start for once. For additional restarts, there should be an interval of 1 to 2 hours.
If the motor load exceeds the above-mentioned requirement, or the AC motor is used for driving some other machinery, customers should provide us with detailed technical requirements, including the terminal voltage, resisting moment curve and the rated speed of motor, etc., thus enabling us to provide the optimum AC motors to you.

Parameters of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor

Model U, UVS, GKK
Seat No. H355-H1120
Power 185-25000KW
Number of poles 2-24
Voltage 380V-13800V
Frequency 50HZ, 60HZ
Protection level IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
Cooling method IC01, IC81W, IC86W, IC611, IC616
Parameters of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Variable Frequency Motor
Seat No. H355-H1120
Power 185-25000KW
Number of poles 2-24
Voltage 380V-13800V
Frequency 0~100Hz (2Pmotor, 0-72 Hz)
Protection level IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55
Cooling method IC01, IC81W, IC86W, IC611, IC616, IC411, IC416

We are a squirrel cage AC motors manufacturer based in China. In addition to AC asynchronous motors, we can also provide DC motors, slip ring motors, synchronous motors, and explosion proof motors, and more. Currently, our electric motors are not only popular among domestic Chinese customers, but also sought after by customers from the United States, Italy, Brazil, Russia, India, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and more.
If you have any motor need, please contact us.

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